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The "Find Me" Masterclass

Where did you lose yourself? Where did you drop the true you off and drive away? Was it when you went through that storm? That divorce? That break up? Or was it when you walked through that church hurt?  Was it when they said that u could not do it? Where did you drop the REAL YOU OFF?


The “Find Me Masterclass” is tailored fit just for you‼️ In this masterclass, you will be empowered to find the REAL YOU! You will find the genuine you, the anointed you, the happy you, the creative you, the genuine you that loves what you love with no apologies! Living for God is NOT BORING! It’s full of STYLE, UNIQUENESS, HAPPINESS, POWER, LOVE, PROSPERITY AND SOOOOO MUCH MORE‼️ Register today & secure your Fire seat, see you at the Fire Table‼️

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